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Bryan Adams 30th Anniversary Reckless Tour

Bryan Adams 30th Anniversary Reckless TourIt’s hard to believe, but it’s been 30 years since BC artist, Bryan Adams, released his multi-million album, Reckless. In honour of the special occasion, Bryan Adams will be going on a cross-Canada tour, kicking off in Victoria, BC on January 12, 2015 and wrapping up in Toronto, Ontario on February 28, 2015.

In addition to the 30th anniversary tour, Bryan Adams will be releasing a deluxe version of the original album, scheduled to come out on November 24, and will feature expanded bonus material.

The original Reckless album was the turning point in Bryan Adams career. It was his first US #1 Billboard hit, Heaven, and Diamond Award for over a million copies sold in Canada. The sheer success of the album set the stage for his World Wide in ’85 Tour.

Over the past three decades, Byran Adams has racked up over 65 million record sales, toured six continents, and achieved #1 status in over 40 countries. He was honoured with the Order of Canada and has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, has a star on both the Canada Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has been nominated and won several Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Grammy’s.

Tickets for the Bryan Adams 30th Anniversary Reckless Tour are on sale now through Live Nation. Tickets start at just $19.96 (inc. GST, plus FMF & service charges). Every online order from the tour will include a CD of Bryan Adams’ forthcoming album Tracks of My Years, his first studio album in more than six years, scheduled for release on September 30.

Mother Mother announced Canadian tour and new album

Mother MotherMother Mother Very Good Bad ThingVancouver’s very own Mother Mother is set to release their fifth studio album, Very Good Bad Thing, on November 4, followed by a cross-Canada tour starting November 10 in Halifax, and ending in Vancouver on December 13.

The 20 show coast-to-coast tour celebrates the release of their upcoming album, produced by Gavin Brown. The new album includes the Top 10 alternative radio single, Get out The Way. Mother Mother is currently Canada’s most aired acts on alternative radio charts, and have been for the past two years, positioning them as the second most aired act in Canada.

The five-piece, Juno-nomiated band includes Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond, Jasmin Parkin, Jeremy Page, and Ali Siadat. Their 2008 song, O My Heart, from their second studio album, was featured in the nightly light and music performance in Robson Square during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Their 2012 album delivered The Stand, Bit By Bit, and Let’s Fall In Love, to the Top 5 radio hits.

Tickets for the Mother Mother Very Good Bad Thing go on sale on sale now through TicketMaster.


Running Form

Running Form“You’re looking good” is a frequently heard call from the sidelines. But go to the finish area of a local road race to watch the lead runners come in. It is always apparent that in the lead pack, as in the whole pack, there are some runners with great-looking form and some with ugly form. John Stanton, founder of the Running Room, encourages people to look past each runner’s form and instead notice the degree of relaxation. The lead runners are certainly fast but they also maintain a relaxed form, even under race conditions.

If you go down to a local track, the number one thing you will hear during a workout is: “Relax.” The coach will be making all kinds of points, but the basic message to the runners—no matter how hard they are pushing—is to relax. Runners pushing too hard see their form falter.

Here are some of the most common problems as well as some tips on how to improve them.

  • Over striding: Increase the rhythm of your arm swing and concentrate on shortening your swing. Shorten your reach with each foot stride forward keep your turn over rate quick.
  • Tightness in Shoulders: Learn to relax the palms of your hands. Your fingers should be loose, so make sure you do not grip a fist as you run. Cup your hands with your thumbs on top.
  • Knee Lift: Your knees should be lifted just high enough to clear the ground. Too high a knee lift wastes energy
  • Arm Carriage: Holding the palms of your hands inward and slightly upward will keep your elbows near your sides. Your arm swing should be in the general area of your heart. Increasing your arm swing can help improve the turnover rate of tired legs.
  • Too Much Bounce: Look at the horizon and concentrate on keeping your head in the same plane. Do some accelerations with an increased body lean. Focus on lower knee lift and try to think of reaching with your arms rather than pumping them.
  • Perfect Form: There really is no perfect form. The important thing is to stay relaxed, stay rhythmic and push hard. Much of your running form is a gift from your parents, but you can make the most of your gift with some attention to fine tuning your individual form.

8 Autumn Travel Tips

A sunflower sparking in the sun after a fall rainAutumn has to be one of the best times of the year to travel. The kids are back in school, which means that there aren’t families travelling, and that means deals, deals and more deals! Not only that, the highways are less packed, hotels and resorts offer fantastic get-away packages, the golf courses aren’t as busy, and it’s way easier to find a camping spot.

Traveling in the autumn months is a lot of fun, especially on road trips. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your autumn travel getaway:

  1. Pack layers. The mornings are often cool and damp. Bring along an layer that you can wear in the morning to fend off the early morning dampness. By late morning you won’t need it, but you’ll appreciate it when you first get up. It’s also good to have a jacket or heavy pull-over for when the sun goes down. It gets cold quickly.
  2. Grab an umbrella. The clouds are settling in and you never know if it’s going to be rain or not. Have a pocket umbrella with you for fall rainstorms, especially if you’re going out sightseeing for a few hours. It beats being stuck in wet clothes.
  3. Book online. If you are planning a fall getaway, check the hotel and resort websites directly. They often have last-minute getaway packages at deep discounts, especially mid-week. There are get deals, often stay two nights and get the third free, or similar.
  4. Head to the hills. Well, maybe not to the hills, but certainly head to the forest or wooded areas to see the spectacular colours nature has to offer.
  5. Celebrate Oktoberfest. Many communities will be celebrating the German tradition of Oktoberfest. Try to get to some of these fantastic events featuring beer, sausage, and other German traditions.
  6. Pack a camera. This should go without saying, but really, pack a camera. You should always have some kind of digital camera with you, whether it’s a DSLR or a pocket point-and-shoot, to capture the memories. Smart phones are great for shots on the go, but you’ll want to remember your getaway in higher resolution.
  7. Watch the weather. Check the local weather the night before and the morning before you go. You might find that it’s unseasonably dry, cold, or wet. You might have to do a last-minute re-pack based on the forecast.
  8. Be aware of local restrictions. Fishing, hunting, harvesting, and even campfires could have local restrictions. Always check before heading out to make sure your back-country adventure is open and allowed at the time of year, and you have the right permits.

Stereotypical Gay Drinks

Stereotypical gay drinksWhen going out with gay friends, you can almost pinpoint by who they are, exactly the kind of drink they will order. Gays are so predictable. It’s probably why certain drinks have become the standard drink of choice for stereotypical gays.

Twinks: vodka soda, light beer and Jaggar bombs

20-Something’s: Cocktails with sexy names like Rim Job, Hole in One, or Sex on the Beach

Dirty 30’s: Cranberry and soda or gin and soda

Graceful gays: Smirnoff Ice or Cosmopolitans

Beefcake men: Gin and tonic

Bears: pints of beer

Drag Queens: Tequila shots and beer with a straw

Senior gays: Red eyes or Caesars

The Non-Drinker: Cran and soda or Shirley Temple

Lesbians: Red wine or lager

What other stereotypes of gay drinks are out there? Leave your comments below.

Autumn Apple Cocktail

Autumn Apple CocktailThe autumn harvest is in upon us. The cooler weather is helping to bring the crops into their final stages of production. While some regions have seen frost, others have already received snow. There’s a cornucopia of pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, corn, apples and other late-season favourites all ready for hearty meal creations.

A fantastic signal of the season is taking a bite out of a fresh, crisp, juicy apple. Over the next month, apples will be turned into juice, applesauce, pie, frozen pie filling, chutney, dried snacks, and other amazing treats to be enjoyed long into the cold winter months.

In the meantime, grab some farm fresh pressed apple juice and make an amazing Autumn Apple Cocktail that will knock your wool socks off!

  • 1 oz Elderflower Liqueur
  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 3 oz Apple Juice

Fill a champagne flute 1/3 full of ice. Pour in elderflower liqueur, vodka, and then apple juice. Give a quick stir with a bar spoon. Garnish with a fresh apple slice.

Celebrate Oktoberfeset at the 7th annual Fraser Valley Food Show

Fraser Valley Food Show

Who wouldn’t want to taste a nice, juicy sausage, followed by a nice cold glass of beer? Welcome to Oktoberfest boys! The 7th annual Fraser Valley Food Show will be underway Friday, October 3 through Sunday, October 5 at the Tradex Trade and Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford, BC.

The highlight of the event is the new Butchers Showcase Stage, presented by the BC Pork, where butchers from around British Columbia will demonstrate their talents in meat cutting, sausage making, knife skills, and more. Yes, there will be pork belly! The main event is the sausage making competition. Butchers will compete in the categories of cooked/smoked, raw/uncooked, and charcuterie.

The crowd-pleasing Oktoberfest Sausage & Beer Tasting will take place on Saturday, October 4th at 11:30am, where foodies can wash down sausage samples with a glass of Erdinger or Mongozo Premium Pilsner for 4 tasting tickets or $2 cash. Visitor votes will determine the People’s Choice Award in the Sausage Making Competition.

For those who fear starchy-carbs will ruin their waistline, or those with allergies, there’s also the Gluten Free Living Show. Candice Macalino from Nature’s Path and Adam Hart, author of The Power of Food, will be presenting fabulous gluten-free recipes all weekend long.

Tickets for the event are $9 (adults). For show hours, information, and tickets, visit the Fraser Valley Food Show website.


SanDisk 64 GB wireless flash drive makes sharing gay porn faster and easier

SanDisk 64 GB wireless  flash drive, perfect for a gay file-sharing orgyGay men love it when you get a crowd together, someone sticks it in, and then the sharing action begins. That’s exactly what the great folks at SanDisk have done. They basically created a virtual file-sharing orgy with the new SanDisk 64 GB wireless flash drive.

Whether you’re looking to share your favourite porn, music, photo or other data, the new SanDisk wireless flashdrive is simple and easy to use. The pocket-size USB drive, just a bit bigger than a tube of Revlon lipstick, works anywhere and no internet is required.

Simply plug the device into a USB drive and it instantly creates a wireless network where files can be stored, shared and streamed. It works with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Android and both PC and Mac computers. You can simultaneously connect up to eight devices and live-stream video between three devices.

The device gets up to four hours of continuous streaming from a single charge and is accessible up to 150 feet away. You can even protect your precious, personal files with a WPA2 WIFI password protection. No one needs a naughty photo scandal on TMZ, right?

Or you could use it to share your family vacation photos, PowerPoint presentations, listen to music, and stream re-runs of The Brady Brunch with your closest friends, coworkers and family. It’s your choice.

Happy file-sharing boys!

To bareback, or not to bareback; gay porn stars sound-off.

Gay porn star, Blue Bailey

While some gay porn are completely against bareback porn, it doesn’t mean that all porn models are. The industry is so diverse that for some, it’s hard to peg people into a simple pro or against the subject one way or the other. When the public, who watches and pays for content, studios are going to produce what their customers want. Granted there are studios that are either exclusively bareback or condom-required, but some studios will shoot both. Ultimately, the model needs to decide what they are comfortable with.

Not every porn star has a perfect track record of only shooting safe sex gay porn. For example, early on in Zack Taylor’s career, he had done a number of bareback scenes. It’s been a long time since those days and he’s tested negative every since.

“I think that it’s a to-each-their-own subject,” gay porn star, Zack Taylor, started off. “Personally, I’m not comfortable doing bareback sex on camera anymore, nor am I comfortable doing it off camera. Yes, we have all had our slip-ups on drunken nights and made our own mistakes, but we all make a choice. You have to live in this world with a little level of intelligence. When someone is watching porn, they are watching a fantasy. If they choose to do that in their personal life, then yes, it does influence them. It’s everyone’s personal choice to watch it, partake in it, on or off camera.”

People need to understand that the models take all the responsibly on their own. They are taking the risk if something happens to their health. Their decision can impact their future heavily, from not being hired by studios in the future, or having adverse health issues.

“When the industry was going towards bareback sex, I wasn’t happy about it,” explains gay porn star, Perry Cavalari. People would think that they are bad role models, which it’s not OK, and infections would go up. People watching porn are adults. As an adult, you need to make your own decisions. It’s like blaming cartoons for violence. When people blame bareback sex on infection rates going up, it’s not the fault of porn, it’s personal. You’re the only one that needs to keep yourself safe.”

For models who are HIV positive, the are in a different situation. They must disclose their status, and sometimes scene partners can reject them if they are not comfortable. For some gay porn stars, like Jessy Karson, contracting HIV dramatically changed his career. Many gay porn stars that are HIV positive choose bareback because it’s reflective of their personal life and more accepting amongst their scene partners.

“My personal view is porn is more like a hobby,” Blue Bailey, an HIV positive gay porn star, said. “I go for stuff I would do in my personal life. Shooting bareback porn is an expression of that. I don’t necessarily feel that porn is an educational tool. Watching violence on TV would cause people to be violent; it’s not proven. Same thing with bareback porn.”

In his personal life Blue Bailey practices serosort sex. Serodiscrimination means partners will choose sexual behavior based on HIV status. Typically, guys who have serosort sex are of the same HIV serostatus and engage in unprotected sex to reduce the risk of getting or transmitting HIV.

“Now that people are on PrEP and bareback with me, and they understand the risk, I am fine with that,” explained Blue Bailey. “If you are using a condom and they are comfortable with that, then I’m good with that too. I’m cool with whatever they are comfortable with.”

With the definition of safer-sex starting to change in the gay porn industry, as alternatives to condoms becoming more and more acceptable, including PEP and PrEP, the industry will continue to evolve. There are even gay porn stars like Max Cameron, who are publicly speaking out about the use of PrEP in the gay porn industry. Clearly there are some gay porn stars who are adamant on the use of condoms, and others who are more grey on the topic.

Flashdance The Musical coming to Vancouver. Pre-sale this Friday!

Flashdance The MusicalA pop culture phenomenon is making its way across Canada, and it’ll be live on stage in November 11-16 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre… Broadway Across Canada presents, Flashdance!

Flashdance is an inspiring and unforgettable story of Alex Owens, a Pittsburgh steel mill welder by day and bar dancer by night, with a dream of becoming a professional performer. A romance with her steel mill boss threatens to complicate her ambitions, but Alex learns the meaning of love and power is the very fuel she needs to pursue her dream.

Flashdance – The Musical, features a score of music in the biggest hit songs from the legendary 80’s movie, including the Academy Award-winning song, Flashdance – What A Feeling, Maniac, Gloria, Manhunt, and I Love Rock & Roll. In addition to these popular songs, 16 new songs were written for the musical with music by Robbie Roth and lyrics by Robert Cary and Roth.

Flashdance – The Musical features a book by Tom Hedley, co-writer of the original screenplay, and Robert Cary, with direction and choreography by Sergio Trujillo.

Pre-sale for Flashdance – The Musical in Vancouver will be available for one day only, Friday, September 19! Please use pre-sale code Pittsburgh at time of purchase. Important note: Ticketmaster link and code will not be active until 10:00am PST, Friday, September 19.

Tyler Glenn of the Neon Trees comes out, inspiring other LGBT artists

Tyler Glenn, lead singer of Neon Trees came out in April 2014 to Rolling Stone magazineTyler Glenn, lead singer of the Neon Trees, performing at a private event in Las Vegas.It seems it has to be headline news when public figures come out and admit they are openly gay. It happens in sports, music, entertainment, and politics. Yes, they are role models, but what a person does behind their closed bedroom door is their business. Unless you work in the gay porn industry, but then that goes without saying.

This past April, lead singer, Tyler Glenn, of the hit American rock band, Neon Trees, came out through an interview in the Rolling Stones. The alternative rock singer and keyboardist had known since he was young that he was gay.

One of Tyler’s challenges was growing up in a religious household. His family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. This clearly has impact and influence on his coming out. However, after coming out, Tyler is still faithful and respects his religious beliefs.

Before coming out, Tyler had a girlfriend. He also experimented with both drugs and alcohol. Today, he’s a much different person. He uses music to creatively express himself, he’s true to himself, and reportedly no longer uses substances including drugs or alcohol.

Tyler Glenn, lead singer of the Neon Trees, performing at a private event in Las Vegas.

When performing, Tyler speaks openly about his homosexuality. He’s proud of who he is and it’s reflective in his attitude both on and off the stage.

There is no doubt that Tyler’s coming out inspires many other up-and-coming LGBT artists including Jeffery Straker, Tyrell Witherspoon, Levis Kreis, and DJ Pornstar, and help boost their careers in the music industry by raising the profile of gay artists in mainstream music.

The Training Principles of Running

Running Room Training Principles

Photo credit: Running Room

As runners focus on their fall racing goals it’s a good time to review the training principles of running, the most important one at the Running Room being, “Stress and Rest”

Stress is another word that can be used for training. In brief amounts, training stress causes a temporary imbalance in the muscular and cardiovascular systems. In response to this imbalance, the body reacts by reestablishing equilibrium and becomes stronger, to protect itself from further imbalance. Over time, the amount of training stress becomes greater promoting further training and growth.

Rest should always be combined with training stress, as repair and reaction to the imbalance can only happen when the body is at rest. The rest period should be long enough to allow almost complete recovery from the training session, but not so long that the training adaptation is lost. When the rest period is too short, or the stress is too great, the body doesn’t have time to repair and adjust, which may cause possible fatigue or injury.

Implementing principles of stress and rest into your program will ensure an adequate training stimulus followed by an appropriate rest period. Even in the early stages of a fitness program, physiological balances can be reestablished in approximately 24 hours.

Practicing the principle of stress and rest will also ensure that the training stress is consistent. If a few days of training are missed, the body may lose some tone and endurance. Consistency also has its rewards. As proper training continues, an individual will develop a solid fitness base. A solid fitness base will ensure that when interruption to training does occur for a short time, loss of fitness will be minimal.

The stress and rest principle of training is the foundation of any training program. Its purpose is to ensure an appropriate amount of training stress and adequate rest periods, resulting in a consistent pattern of exercise.

Southern Decadence 2014

Southern Decadence 2014

New Orleans is famous around the world for Mardi Gras, but in North America, the gays know it just as well for an amazing six-day event held over Labor Day weekend; Southern Decadence.

The first Southern Decadence event started in 1972, when a group of about 50 friends decided to gather in the Big Easy for a fun weekend. The party theme was to dress up as your favourite southern decadent. From then on, it became an annual tradition and the event grew every year.

Don’t get Southern Decadence confused with a gay pride event. It’s not. Today, Southern Decadence is a six-day event, attracting an older demographic of guys who come to dance, party, throw beads and have a great time. It’s also highly sexual in nature. It’s not vanilla, that’s for damn sure! Not quite like Folsom Street Fair held the third week of September in San Francisco, but it’s still pretty entertaining.

Most of the events take place in the streets and at the bars in the French Quarter. The most popular area to hang out at is at the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Ann’s Street. This is the gayest corner in the French Quarter and where all the action congregates. It’s a great area for people watching and entertainment too. For example, every day you’ll find a drag queen with a whistle in her mouth directing traffic and pedestrians. It’s quite the sight. There are also a few religious protesters who usually show up once a day that have to be heavily monitored by law enforcement for their own protection.

The event draws over 180,000 people from around the United States, Canada and Europe. The highlights of the weekend include the Friday night float parade, the Sunday afternoon marching parade, and tossing beads Sunday afternoon following the parade.

While the parades and other events in the bars are great, bead tossing is one of the most entertaining activities. Guys stand on the balconies of bars in the heart of the action and they signal to other guys in the streets below to show their cock in exchange for a set of beads. Over the years, local businesses felt there was too much public indecency that they raised concerns with the authorities and City Council. Signs are posted all throughout the French Quarter clarifying what is considered public sex. The tradition still goes on today and very few arrests have ever been made.

If you get a bit too drunk, overwhelmed, are hung over, or just need a break from the party, there are so many other amazing things to see and do in New Orleans. It’s easy to jump on one of the heritage street cars for a laid back tour of the city, get on an airboat for a thrilling ride through the swamps to see alligators and other bayou creatures, or taking a walk through the many above ground cemeteries to see the tombs and crypts.

Southern Decadence is an amazing and fun event that should be on every gay man’s bucket list to experience at least once in their lifetime. Many have made it their annual tradition, and it just might become yours.

Dressing for first date success!

What to wear on your first dateYou’ve been chatting on Grindr, you’ve traded some pictures (G-rated or XXX, it’s up to you and your comfort level!), and now, it’s the big night. First date time! Before you turn your entire closet inside out, just know: we’re here to help.

Layers are your friends. Too warm? Pull off the shirt or sweater. Too cold? Put it back on. Bonus points if you can make the undressing and redressing extra sexy by letting your lower layers pull up and show off your sexy abs. Just try not to get your sweater caught on your nose. That’s not a good look for anyone.

Wear the right clothes for the location of the date. Goes without saying. Don’t wear the Hawaii shirt to the fancy restaurant, and the suit at the coffee shop is probably just going to make you look pretentious.

Dress your best. This kind of seems obvious, but a first date is basically an audition for a second date. Whether you’re looking for ripped jeans and a rocking band t-shirt for the metal show you’re both psyched for or a shirt and tie for the best restaurant in town, this isn’t the time to hold back on your personal care regime. Show off your skin, your hair, and your body to their best advantage.

Don’t mask your personality. Okay, unless you’re meeting up at a convention, this might not be the time to go into extreme depth on exactly why you chose that #TruvadaWhore t-shirt, but still; don’t lie about who you are. Whether you’re hoping for a hookup or something longer term, if he’s not interested in you, he’s not worth your time.

If it doesn’t work out, don’t give up! Back to Grindr, or your hook-up app of choice. There’s plenty more men out there dying to meet you!

Bourbon Old Fashioned Milk Shake

National Chocolate Milkshake Day cocktail, inspired by an Old Fashioned cocktail.Happy National Chocolate Milkshake Day! If you’re milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, then you’re one lucky boy! If it doesn’t, well then you’re in luck too. This Bourbon Old Fashioned Milk Shake is amazing. It’s based off a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, but has been tweaked for an amazing adult ice cream treat. It’s still summer, so grab that bucket of ice cream out of the freezer again and dig into a thick, smooth, creamy goodness!

  • 2 oz Bourbon
  • 1 cup Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 2 Maraschino Cherries
  • ¾ tsp Fresh Orange Zest
  • Squirt of Chocolate Syrup

Place all ingredients into a blender. Plus for 15 seconds or until almost smooth. Pour into a frozen glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.


Something big is brewing in Vancouver! Harvest Haus 2014

The inaugural Harvest Haus Vancouver, celebrating OktoberfestThe very first Oktoberfest was celebrated in 1810 with the marriage of Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen to Prince Ludwig of Barvaria. Today, the German festival has become a global celebration, steeped in traditions. The celebration brings together camaraderie, European harvest, theatricality, and beer. This year, for the first time, Vancouver will have it’s very own Harvest Haus.

Hosted on the plaza of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre from October 2-5 in downtown Vancouver, the area will be transformed into a German Grand Halle. From the tradition of the tapping of the first keg by the Burgomeister to the final Auf Wiedersehen, each four-hour Harvest House sitting will trace the history of the Northern European festival from Medieval times to the preset.

Tickets start at just $25 and includes entrance to the Grand Halle with music and entertainment including actors, acrobats, artist, and musicians. There is no set menu for the event. Guests will purchase German delicacies and both domestic and imported beer from vendors within the venue. Food tickets are $5 each, and drink tickets are $8 (bundles of 2-5). VIP tickets start at $40 and include guaranteed seating in a special area near the main stage, premium food choices and a special beer selections at a private bar.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend of fun. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the official Harvest Haus website.

Vancouver Home + Design Show 2014 [Contest]

Vancouver Home + Design Show

Vancouver Home + Design Show 2014

Fall is a fabulous time to start working on home renovations, updating décor with the latest accessories, and for getting ideas for new projects. The annual Vancouver Home + Design Show is the signal for metro Vancouver gays and lesbians to get the creative juices flowing.

All things design, entertaining and home improvement, the Vancouver Home + Design Show will be held at BC Place, October 16-19, 2014. The four day event features a giant expo of over 400 exhibitors and feature local design and style inspiration.

You won’t want to miss out the over-the-top gay design icons, Colin and Justin, stars of Cottage Life TV’s Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure, HGTV’s Colin & Justin’s Home Heist, BBC2’sThe Million Pound Property Experiment and BBC1’s Trading Up. They will be giving their design tips, advice and secrets to bring a chic cottage look from cabin to condo. They’ll be on the Main Stage on Saturday, October 18 at 3pm and again at 7pm.

Chris and Justin

Vancouver Home + Design Show Home reno hunk, Bryan Baeumler, host of HGTV’s Leave it to Bryan, House of Bryan, and Disaster DIY, will also be making appearances at the show. The Gemini-award winning TV show host has been inspiring, entertaining and educating viewers in Canada and the US for over seven years.

At the show, exhibitors will be giving away thousands of dollars worth of home décor through draws at their booth. Make sure you enter. You could be walking away with a new closet, kitchen cabinets, countertops, or even a hot tub.

Tickets for the Vancouver Home + Design show are $15 at the door, but if you buy online, there are great savings.


Want to go to the show for free? Leave a comment on this blog post on what home renovation project you have planned for this fall and you’ll automatically be entered for a change to win a pair of tickets.

For an additional entry, once you have left a comment on this blog post, tweet the following:

I need some design inspiration. I wanna go to @VanHomeShows with free tickets from @br_webb. http://bit.ly/1CSKCJb #WinVanHomeShow

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Friday, September 19, 2014. One random drawn winner will be announced on this blog post on or before Monday, September 22, 2014. Read the complete contest rules.

Porn stars advocate for safer-sex in the gay porn industry

Levi Karter advocates for safer-sex in the gay porn industryRecently the gay porn industry has seen a trend moving towards more and more bareback sex. Using web analytics, studios and directors are using technology to determine what people are downloading and watching. This dictates their decisions on where they should be investing time, money and resources. However, not all gay porn models are in favour of bareback sex and now are speaking out to advocate for safer-sex in the gay porn industry.

Bareback sex can be considered risk, especially when safer-sex practices aren’t being used. For example, the use of barriers and PrEP. Gay porn stars take their own health and safer-sex very seriously. Many porn stars have been very vocal about safer-sex including Dominic Pacifico, Chase Young and Dayton O’Connor. They know they are role models for many people. While they don’t turn a blind eye on the subject, they want people to be aware that safer sex can be fun, sexy and reduce your risk of HIV or STI’s.

“I’m personally against barebacking,” stated Canadian gay porn star and producer, Brandon Jones. “As a porn star doing this as a profession, we are an example to a lot of people. If people only see safe sex, it would be a very smart thing to do. I will only shoot safe sex. It’s important for my health, my friends, and the people I love. If I can give a good example, then I would have done my job and followed my true beliefs from the time I started, to the time I end.”

For some models, the answer is clear and simple, condoms all the way!

“Safe sex,” said Seth Knight, who is short and to the point on the subject. “That is all. Don’t risk it. I think bareback is hot, but it’s best not to put your life in danger.”

For porn stars that film scenes regularly, the risk increases because of the number of partners they will have. The easiest way to reduce their risk, in addition to regular testing, is to insist on the use of condoms for every scene they shoot.

“I personally think that bareback sex is unsafe,” said Levi Karter. “I’m not for it. I wouldn’t agree to do unprotected sex because of the risk factor. All the sudden more studios are doing it now. It’s a trend people are jumping on to. I don’t understand the trend of barebacking. I don’t like it. It’s risky enough, even for oral. Unless you are in a committed relationship and you know you both are clean, then it’s ok. We shouldn’t encourage it.”

For porn stars who have been on the set for just a few months, or for someone who has been in the industry for years, using condoms when filming a scene is part of the job for them. It’s for their personal safety.

“Porn is forever,” says Hans Berlin. “Especially with the digital age, it will never go away. So if you think about running for president in the future, think twice before you start your porn career. There is definitely life after porn though – my therapist used to be an Adult Film actor as well.”

Hans also reminds people who are interested in getting into the industry to maintain their personal integrity, because there will be a lot of things that will fuck with your mind. “Lots of crazy people and crazy situations. But also some really great fun and some of the best people you will ever meet,” says Hans Berlin.

For most models, it comes down to their personal beliefs, their morals, ethics, safer-sex education, and risk reduction.

Typically, gay porn stars that have safe sex on camera extend the policy into their personal lives too. It’s something that is important to them, and something they don’t take likely. This doesn’t mean that they haven’t had a slip-up in the past, or are against barebacking in trusting, long-term relationships, but generally speaking, their actions on set are reflective of their personal actions off-camera too.

Canadian legend, Jann Arden, on tour across Canada

Jann Arden, Everything Almost tour

Jann Arden, Everything Almost TourCalgary’s very own Jann Arden is making her way across Canada this month on her Everything Almost Tour. The tour kicked off on September 4 in Victoria, BC. The tour is in honour of her latest album, Everything Almost, which was released in stores this past April 29.

It was a sold out show on Saturday, September 6 at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Vancouver, as hundreds of Jann Arden fans crowded into the famed venue for an incredible show.

From the moment she walked on stage, the crowd was amazed at her voice, which danced throughout the acoustically perfected theatre. True to her nature, Jann made caddy, quick-witted jokes, including ones about her absolutely amazing choreography. Ok, so even Jann can joke around that she only has one dance move and that’s the tilt from front-to-back, but regardless, the lady can sing!

After listening to her concert, there’s little wonder how she’s been nominated for 19 Juno Awards, proudly taking 8 home to display on a mantle full of other hardware she’s collected over the years.

There’s more to Canadian singers than Bryan Adams, Justin Bieber and Celin Dion, although they are good too… but Jann Arden is a Canadian favourite, embedded in our culture, just like real Canadian maple syrup on pancakes on a Sunday morning at Grandma’s house.

Be the hero of the party with a the Hero Mini

Hero Mini speakers

Hero Mini speakersIf you’re a fan of wearable technology, you’ll love the new Hero Mini. It’s a headband style speaker system that allows you to connect smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth to give you audio on the go.

For people who are always plugged in, this portable speaker system is idea for hanging out in small groups in public spaces where you want to listen to your favourite music or share a YouTube video without having to struggle with the volume.

The Hero Mini has a powerful set of dual speakers, which can blast music. It can easily set the mood in a small room, at a picnic, or a day at the beach. The device can be work around your neck while walking down the street. It is also designed to hold an iPhone or iPad Mini, so you can watch music videos or movies with friends without having to hold the device.

It’s also great in the conference room. With a built-in mic, it instantly transforms into a conference speaker phone.

It’s modern space-aged design really is suitable for wearable technology buffs who love geeking out.

Hero Mini speakers

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