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Sir Elton John to grace Vancouver this September

Elton John Diving Board Tour

It’s going to be one of the most fabulous nights this summer, as Sir Elton John graces Vancouver with his presence at Rogers Arena on Saturday, September 13. Elton John will be on tour this summer promoting is latest album, The Diving Board, featuring 12 new songs co-authored with lyricist Bernie Taupin, and the re-release of his 40th anniversary CD, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

“It is such a privilege to welcome the inimitable Sir Elton John back to Rogers Arena. Each time he comes to Vancouver, his very presence captivates the city and creates a palpable excitement,” said Victor de Bonis, Chief Operating Officer, Canucks Sports & Entertainment. “Sir Elton is a legendary talent and one of the most gifted entertainers in the world. We are honoured to again have him grace the stage right here at Rogers Arena for what will certainly be an electrifying night.”

Over the course of his forty year music career, Sir Elton John has played almost 3,000 concerts and holds the honour as one of the top-selling solo artists of all time. He has 35 gold and 25 platinum albums, 29 consecutive Top 40 hits, and has sold more than 250 million records worldwide. And who could forget Candle in the Wind, the 1997 single paying tribute to Princess Diana, selling 37 million copies, making it the biggest selling single of all time!

Tickets to see Sir Elton John in Vancouver at Rogers Area will go on sale to the public on Friday, April 25 at 10:00am through Live Nation.


Race Day Etiquette

Race day etiquette for marathon runnersAfter months of training, it all comes down to the big day; race day. All your hard work and training will be put to the test. While you have trained hard and are ready for this exciting day, as a first time runner, you haven’t experienced what it’s like to participate in a race and some of the etiquette that needs to be followed. Here’s a quick rundown of race day etiquette you should know:

  1. Arrive at the start line or your specific starting corral at least 15 minutes before the race start. This will give you a few minutes to settle in and prepare yourself.
  2. Do not bring dogs or other animals with you to a race. Most races do not allow animals.
  3. Have your race bib attached to the front of your shirt, where it is clearly visible. Some race bibs have timing chips attached to the back of the bib; if it is, then don’t fold or crease the race bib or it may not work. Race bibs are used to identify runners in case of an emergency, in photographs and to call out your name and time at the finish line.
  4. If there are multiple race distances at the event, do not switch distances without first speaking with race officials in advance and confirming that your registration has been moved to the new distance. This usually needs to be done in advance.
  5. On the racecourse, if you are a slower runner, keep to the right. Always pass on the left. Similar to driving, always shoulder-check before changing position to make sure you are not about to cut off a runner coming up behind you.
  6. If you need to walk or stop along the race, move to the far right, raise your hand and yell out “walking”.
  7. Follow the racecourse, respecting pylons, course marshals, and signs. Participants can be disqualified for not following or cutting the course. Respect private property.
  8. If you see participants who are injured, find out if they need assistance and let a volunteer know right away.
  9. When passing through aid / water stations, move to the side if you are going to slow down or stop. If you are not stopping, stay in the center. Do not throw cups that still have water or sports drink left in them; drop them off to the side or in the garbage cans past the end of the aid / water station.
  10. If you are using nutrition along the course do not litter the empty packages. When you are done, toss them in the garbage cans at the aid / water stations, drop them at a pylon along the course route, or put them in your pocket until you pass a garbage can.
  11. Do not stop on the finish line. Continue to move forward through the finishers corral area as quickly as possible. If you need medical assistance, let a volunteer know right away. Only cross the finish line once; multiple crossings can result in errors in race results.
  12. Always smile and thank volunteers. They make it possible for you to have a safe and fun race experience.

10 essential tips for efficiently packing a suitcase

10 tips to effectively pack your luggageMany travellers underestimate the importance of packing when going on a trip. Whether the trip is for business, pleasure, or both, the same basic rules apply. Here is a quick rundown of things you need to think about and do when packing a suitcase for any trip, regardless of it being an overnight visit, a weekend road trip, or flight to an exotic destination.

  1. Don’t leave your packing to the last minute. Last minute packing can spell disaster. This is usually when things are forgotten and extra, unnecessary items are packed. Packing should start a few days before the trip, with thoughtful consideration on what is required for the trip.
  2. Check the weather. Weather will play a key role in the types of clothing you pack. Check the conditions of your destination to see if you need to bring short, tank tops, flip flops and sunscreen, or a rain jacket, jeans and long-sleeved shirts.
  3. Pack for your activities. Go over your itinerary in detail and determine what specific types of clothing you need for each event. For instance, make sure you bring suitable footwear if you are going hiking, or a sports coat for business meetings, a cute pair of swimwear for a pool party, or your leather harness if you’re off to a pride event.
  4. Checklists are your best friend. If you know you will have last minute stuff to pack, like your iPhone charger, headphones, or medication, make yourself a list. Make sure every item is crossed off the list before you walk out the door.
  5. Think travel-size. Most frequent travellers have specific travel gear. From hard-shell luggage to travel-sized toiletries, it is purchased for the sole intent of travel. These items are not part of the day-to-day rotation, but rather are used for the exclusive purpose of travel. This alleviates the last minute packaging and reduces the need to for checked baggage. After all, frequent travellers hate to check luggage and will, at almost any cost, ensure they can go for at least 10 days with only two carry-on bags!
  6. Lay out your clothes. Plan your clothing by the day, or even half day. Use your itinerary to plan our which clothes you will wear. Lay them all out on your bed. Effective travelers will plan to stick within colour ranges, making items re-usable. For instance, either plan in themes of grey and black, or brown and blue, because these combinations will work in multiple ways and also reduce the amount of footwear you need to bring. Neutrals are always the safest option, choose versatile styles, and try to stick with wrinkle-free materials. Also keep in mind that most hotels have laundry service in-house or there will be a nearby Laundromat; take this into strong consideration, especially on longer trips!
  7. Accessories take up very little space and can add a lot of colour and flare to an outfit. These can easily be stuffed inside shoes, or outside pockets of backpacks and bags.
  8. Pack the largest items first. Once they are organized, then pack in breakables, liquids, creams and gels. It’s perfectly acceptable to use articles of clothing as padding. If ever in doubt of something spilling, put it in a Ziplock bag.
  9. There’s an on-going debate over rolling vs folding. It really takes a combination approach. Roll items that wrinkle easy, and fold items that take little space. Rolled items can take up less space, and folded items can be used as great dividers. The best advice is to wear your bulkiest items, like coats and sweaters; sure, you might be uncomfortable for a portion of your trip, but at least you have it with you! Always put shoes in plastic bags.
  10. Your carry on needs to have all your essentials, including a spare change of clothing in case your check bags do not arrive, medication, all your valuables and electronics, cash, and identification.

Comfort, fashion and functional; the InCase DSLR Pro Pack

InCase DSLR Pro PackWhen you buy your first DSLR, you’re overwhelmed by the initial investment just for the body and lens. Guaranteed you’ll do what most beginner photographers do and that is to buy a small camera case when you buy all your new gear. It’s perfectly acceptable for the first little while. You’ll find that you are over-protective of your entire investment and will want to bring it with at every chance you get.

As your skills in photography improve, and you get more comfortable with your gear, you’ll soon realize you want to get more lenses, a speed flash, tripod, battery grip and all kinds of other accessories, all enabling you to take more amazing photos. Like most hobbies, photography can become quite expensive. But the investment in being able to have beautiful memories and to share your work with others is so rewarding.

Seasoned travellers, event photographers, and people who have built up a collection of camera gear over time all appreciate the need for a good camera bag to stay organized. A heavy duty, well-made camera bag that doesn’t kill your back or shoulders becomes more and more imperative.

InCase DSLR Pro PackThe key to a good camera bag is having your camera easily accessible, and being able to get to your extra gear with relative ease. The InCase DSLR Pro Pack allows you to do that.

This is the kind of backpack you can wear around at a five day music festival, with it completely loaded up with gear, and you’re not going to feel like it’s throwing out your shoulder like a sling backpack will do, or bang against your lower back giving you all kinds of pain you wish was never there. The InCase DSLR Pro Pack has heavily padded and reinforced straps that hug the shoulders and evenly distributes the weight across both your shoulders and back. It has one chest strap that keeps the bag fitted tight while you’re on the go. Functionally, this bag would have been slightly better if it also had a waist strap with hip pads, but hey, you can’t always have everything.

The outside pack has a small pocket near the bottom, a large tote area that fits a 15” Macbook Pro, a iPad Mini, and enough room to jam in a change of clothes, perfect for travellers to use as a checked bag. Near the top there’s a micro-fiber-lined pocket perfect for storing sunglasses, keys, wallet, or other small, quick grab items. The very top of the bag has a quick-access panel to grab your DSLR. Super convenient! The side of the bag has a spot to clip in a collapsible tripod.

InCase DSLR Pro Pack

To access the main storage area of the bag, where all your camera lenses and accessories go, lay the backpack out on the ground on its face, and unzip the entire inside panel. It opens up like a suitcase to revel a well-padded, custom-sizeable locker of all your gear. It can easily hold a second DSLR body, zoom lens, wide angle, and external flash.

Overall, the InCase DSLR Pro Pack is one of the best DSLR backpacks for the growing photographer.  It is a fantastic and very functional DSLR backpack that looks great and will last for years to come.

Easter Cream Egg Martini

Easter Cream Egg Martini On Easter morning kids love to go on a hunt to find candy and chocolate eggs hidden all around. Baskets overflow with chocolates, toys and stuffed animals. Easter has now become the second largest candy-eating holiday of the year. Adults can get into the fun too, especially with a mouth-watering, chocolaty Easter Cream Egg Martini, reminiscent of those yummy cream-filled chocolate eggs.

  • 1 oz Crème de Cacao
  • 1 oz Irish Creame
  • 1 oz Whipped Vodka
  • Caramel syrup

Chill a martini glass in the freezer for 15 minutes. Drizzle chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass. Immediately place the glass back in the freezer for another 10 minutes.

Fill a martini shaker half full of ice. Pour in Crème de Cacao, Irish Cream, and vodka. Shake for 20 seconds, until the outside of the shaker begins to frost. Pour caramel syrup onto the bottom of the frozen martini glass, then gently pour the shaken martini on top.


Go ahead, get Nomad, and USB charging on-the-go

The world's smallest USB charges by Nomad, ChargeKey and ChargeCard

Whether you’re at the office all day, jumping from event to event, or travelling from city to city, there comes the moment when your iPhone alerts you that you have less than 20% battery life left. Immediately your heart begins to race and you begin the panic search for a power supply to recharge your phone. It happens to everyone and it’s not a great feeling whatsoever.

Getting recharged can be a hassle. In the office you run around asking co-workers who has an extra cable and if it’s the same kind that you need, and when you’re travelling you’re confined to your hotel room waiting around for the battery to charge instead of being out exploring.

The solution is to bring with you cords, cables, plugs and other accessories, basically an cell phone survival kit, every time you leave the house. Nomad has come up with a handy solution that should start so solve some of your first world problems.

ChargeCard by Nomad, a handy credit card size USB cable for people on the go.

ChargeCard is a pocket size USB cable that tucks into your wallet like a credit card. Next time you’re at the office and all the sudden your iPad Mini starts to die, you can quickly plug it in to the USB port on your computer and instantly charge your phone.

ChargeKey by Nomad, the world's smallest USB cable, perfect for travellers on the go.

The ChargeKey is the world’s smallest USB charging cable. It’s super handy because it charges to your key ring. For those that have a Mophie, who live and swear by having the external battery, but cring when both batteries are dead and you’re still on the go, there’s now a quick solution. If you’re still out and about, you can quickly stop at the nearest plug in, pop on a USB plug adapter and instantly recharge. Perfect for hurry-up-and-wait situations at the airport, or while you’re at a restaurant for lunch, or having a quick drink at the bar.

Now available in both the Canada and the United States, you can get a these handy small USB charging devices by Nomad on Amazon.

Introducing gay porn star, Perry Cavalari

Perry CavalariAtlanta, Georgia seems to be a hot bed these days for crankin out hot and sexy porn stars. Perry Cavalari entered the gay porn industry just over a year ago and so far the hot, blonde, twink-ish stud is making quite the impression.

Perry got into the porn industry for the exact reason why people shouldn’t, he needed money.

“I started as a webcam model,” said Perry. “It just sort of came to me in a moment I didn’t really know which direction my life was going to take. I had just graduated from high school, was living at home, my car was stolen, was living with my parents in a rural area, and I couldn’t find a job.”

With nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection at home, and the pressures on the rise at home to start earning a living, Perry found himself on Cam4.

“At the time it was just pure exhibitionism,” Perry said. “I saw other live sites and thought that it was something I could do. I always thought it was hot having someone watch me get off. I thought, I could do something with this. It was easy to do. No overhead. I was my own boss.”

After three years of as a webcam model, Perry was able to save up enough money to buy his own apartment and a car. Today, Perry happily lives on his own in Atlanta, has a regular 9-5 job, and has started doing scenes with larger studios.

Over the years, Perry, like most people, has had to face different challenges.

“Learning to take blame for stuff, be responsible and take accountability,” Perry said, admitting his biggest personal challenge. “When I was a little kid, I always wanted to blame someone else or blame the victim. Growing up, I realized you have to take responsibility for your own life. Sometimes you cannot control that.”

Coming from a low-income, single parent family, it was easy for Perry to put the blame on others. He made it his personal mission to teach himself responsibility, something he now also tries to teach others.

When he’s not at his full time job or filming a scene, Perry has a very busy life.

“I go to the gym fairly often, like four to five times per week,” Perry said. “In the summer I go hiking, play tennis and swim a lot. I like to read articles and current events. I just read the Hunger Games trilogy.”

As a homeowner, Perry has become interested in home design and décor.

“I am always trying to figure out what I want to do with my apartment,” said Perry. “As I finish one room I’ll already be trying to figure out what to do with it next. It keeps me pretty busy.”

Many of Perry’s friends know his two biggest pet peeves.

“I would say my biggest pet peeve is stupidity,” admitted the gay porn star. “I am not a mean person, but when I’m out in public and I see the stuff people do, it urks me. Like with the traffic in Atlanta, I see people at the intersection and they block it, people pull out in front of you and don’t do the speed limit.”

Perry’s other pet peeve is seeing people litter. It’s gotten to the point of bugging him so much that he’ll walk up to a complete stranger and calls them out on their actions.

One thing that is for sure, is the type of guy that Perry is interested in.

“If you ask my mother, she would say rich, Jewish and marry-able,” joked Perry, which isn’t exactly his ideal type of guy. “To me, a beefy, tall guy with dark features and ambition is what I’m looking for. Everything else I could pretty much work with.”

On With the Show… Fleetwood Mac reunites for 2014 North American tour

Fleetwood Mac On With The Show Tour 2014

It’ll be a reunion tour to remember, when Christine McVie returns to the stage after 16 years to join Fleetwood Mac. It’s all in celebration of a 33 city North American tour, opening in Minneapolis on September 30.

This is the first time in 16 years all five Fleetwood Mac members will be on the road performing together. Christine joins bandmates John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks for the On With the Show Tour. The 33 city tour will feature 34 shows.

The multi-Grammy award-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees last performed together on stage in London in 2002, when Christine joined to perform their classic song, Don’t Stop.

“It was so comfortable being back onstage with them as if no time had passed, and then we all started talking and it feels like the time is right. I’m really happy,” she commented.

“As far as we’re concerned, she’s never really left. We are overjoyed to have Christine back on stage with us,” said the other members of Fleetwood Mac in a joint statement.

Tickets for the Fleetwood Mac On With the Show Tour 2014 are on sale now through Live Nation. Tickets start at $69.50 (inc GST, plus FMF and service charges). For a complete list of tour locations visit the Fleetwood Mac website.

The final countdown to marathon race day; marathon tapering

Marathon TaperingTraining for a marathon is a lot of hard work, time, and dedication. In 17 weeks, you can go from running a 10k to a full marathon. After building a house of endurance, strength, mental and speed, the final, and one of the hardest phases of training to comprehend for first-time marathon runners, is marathon tapering.

Marathon tapering is the final period of marathon training where the body gets the opportunity to repair itself and prepare for race day. There is a dramatic drop in distance and work-outs in the final training phase. This period is essential in order for the body to be in top shape for the big race.

Most people get the urge to deviate from the training schedule, but you have to trust it. Over the past 3.5 months, you’ve worked hard and despite your disbeliefs, your body really is ready to run a marathon, without any extra training.

An important part of tapering is mental preparation. Research the race day details, including how you are getting to the start line, review the race route, and plan your race day strategy. Determine which clothing you are going to wear (only wear clothing you’ve trained in), how much nutrition you need, hydration, and where you will meet friends and family at the finish line.

During marathon tapering period, recognize that the drop in distance means less calories are being burned each week, which means you need to decrease the size of meals and number of snacks throughout the day.

In the final week, avoid all caffeine, alcohol, and fats, including deep fried foods. Focus on increasing intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, and carbohydrates. In the final days, add extra salt and potassium to your diet.

Rest is a key component of marathon tapering. Going to be a bit earlier each night and allowing the body to recovery is important. Increasing your protein consumption will also help repair damaged muscles.

Phantom pains are not unusual during the marathon tapering period. Phantom pains have the sense of real pain, but you cannot actually pin-point where they are coming from. This is because the muscles are repairing themselves at the microscopic level, which are known to cause cramps or pains. During training, aches and pains are normal, but with the reduced mileage, pains you’d typically ignore become sensations which are exaggerated to the point of insanity.

During taper period, it’s good to spend the evenings catching up on light housework, errands that do not include a lot of time on your feet, and catching up with friends over a cup of mint tea.

Visualize the race, mentally prepare for race day, and get you race plan ready. Enjoy the downtime!

Don’t be a dumb-ass. Navigating the airport like a pro.

Listen up people. It’s time to talk about getting through security at airports. Yes 9/11 was almost 13 years ago, yet y’all still seem to have a hard time understanding how to navigate an airport and get through security. For frequent travellers, it’s a breeze, but the rest of you clearly need some tips and advice.

  1. While packing, if you know you have checked baggage, automatically put all your liquids, creams and gels into that checked bag. You don’t need them in your carry-on. No exceptions!
  2. Get to the airport early and be organized. If you’re travelling internationally, pre-print all your flight itineraries, hotel confirmations, transportation details, and other travel documents. Keep them in an easy-to-access place in your carry on, just in case you need them at customs.
  3. Never follow someone through an airport, assuming they are going to the same place that you want to go. Always read the overhead signs, they’ll clearly point you in the direction you’re headed, whether it’s to security, the washroom, your boarding gate or the baggage carousel.
  4. When going through security, remember, laptops get their own bin, and in a separate bin place everything else. This includes your wallets, keys, jewelry, belt, passport, shoes, jacket, etc. Knowing you have to put all this stuff into a bin, prepare as you approach your designated security lane. It should be a fast, smooth, and efficient process. No one wants to wait for you because you have to untie your shoes and remove your belt before you go through the metal detector.
  5. For efficiency, if you have multiple bags and bins, place your miscellaneous bin first, followed by your laptop, and then other bags. When you get to the other side to claim your items, you can be putting on your belt, your jacket and placing items back in your pockets while the rest of your bags clear the x-ray machine.
  6. As you move down the security line, have your boarding pass ready to present to the security agent. They need to validate your boarding pass before your items are x-rayed. Take your boarding pass with you to the metal detector.
  7. Be efficient in the metal detector line-up. Make eye contact with the TSA members, and be ready to pass through when you’re called. You should not be having conversations while in line. Just be quite and proceed in an orderly fashion.
  8. As soon as your through the metal detector, move to the conveyor to begin collecting your items. Be as fast as possible, and remove roller bags and backpacks from the conveyor as they come out. This makes room for the bins and bags of other guests behind you, so they don’t have to wait as long. If you have footwear that needs to be laced up, grab all your items and move to an area away from the conveyor belt.
  9. If you’re going through customs, have your passport out with your boarding pass tucked into the photo ID page. Have your travel information clearly memorized – where you are going, your return date, where you are staying and the purpose of your trip. There’s no need to be nervous. Customs officials may ask additional questions and have the right to search any and all items you’re bringing into the country, including bags, laptops and cell phones. This also includes random swabbing of any articles to test for drugs.
  10. Note the boarding time of your flight. Go directly for security / customs to your boarding gate. Confirm the boarding time, flight number and destination. It could have changed from the time you check in at the airport to the time you arrived at the gate. Once you have confirmed, then, if you have time, you can go get duty free (if applicable), a coffee, snack, or charge your phone.
  11. When boarding, listen to the agents. They will call out the boarding of the flight in a prescriptive order. In the US, first and business class board first, and then economy class is boarded, first by window seat numbers, then middle seats, and finally aisle seats. For instance, if you’re in board group 3, you’re in economy window, and if you’re in board group 5, you’re in economy aisle. Don’t mess with the system! If an aisle passenger boards early, they’ll just have to get up to let the person in who has the window and middle seat, which makes it longer to board the aircraft, and honestly, we all just want to get there faster, so board by group please!

What are your pet peeves or advice for air travel? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Should I or Shouldn’t I Sleep With a Married Man?


This week, Dee Licious joins HomoCulture.ca as a contributing blogger. Dee Licious is amazing. She has a passion and flare for life, and completely relates to many of the issues and challenges gay men face. In her first blog post, Dee Licious squares off on the sensitive topic of sleeping with married men.

Please welcome, Dee Licious!

I don’t identify with the term “mistress”. Although by all accounts that’s exactly what I am, it’s a label that I’m not fond of. “Mistress” seems to have many implications that are of the negative variety – and that doesn’t describe the relationships I choose to be part of. Instead, I choose to hold these relationships because there is no label – no expectations, nothing to hold on to.

90% of the time that’s true.

There are many complications with having an affair, and you need to consider these before jumping into the arrangement. If you’re wondering whether you should go for it and see where it leads, or if you should instead walk away (wondering what could have happened…) read on.

You should sleep with that married man if….

If you’re out to satisfy curiosity and aren’t in it for love, but simply want the perks of a relationship and dating a married man, you’re likely in the right frame of mind. Having an affair takes the highest of strength and independence – it’s not for the weak or faint of heart. You’re opening yourself up to potential heartache and love lost, should you allow emotions to get the better of you. Before embarking on this roller coaster of an adventure, it is recommended that you have open lines of communication with your secret fling and discuss what the arrangement looks like. It’s also important to look at how your arrangement ends, especially if you share similar friends, colleagues or work in the same industry.

Biggest challenge? Knowing that he goes to bed each and every night with his wife. If you’re strong enough to understand and accept that, you’re in the right frame of mind to sleep with a married man.

You shouldn’t sleep with that married man if….

If you can’t handle the fact of knowing that he’s married (and the aforementioned ‘falling asleep with his wife’), sleeping with a married man is not for you. In a sense, you’re only borrowing him. Just like a book at the library, it’s on-loan for a period of time and must be returned – otherwise, you’re paying a pretty hefty fine, either in the way of broken hearts or broken families. Yes, this married man might be gorgeous, fun and appealing, but if you’re the type that wants to be with this guy – you should probably tell him to call you when he’s divorced. Otherwise, don’t get invested.

Of course, things can happen without much thought behind them. The two of you could have a connection that’s good. Really, really good; but before you venture down that road of entering into an affair, ask yourself – should I or shouldn’t I?

Sleeping with a married man and having a mutually beneficial arrangement can be fun. If you love the benefits of a relationship, exploring someone who is unavailable and love the fear of the unknown, this is for you – just consider the pros and cons before venturing down this adventurous road.


Red Hot Lover Cocktail

Red Hot Lover cocktailGay porn star, Christopher Daniels, has worked with some of the best in his industry. His list of scene partners is a mile long. But when it comes to who his best scene partner has been over the years, he had a bit of trouble.

“I have worked with more good than bad,” Christopher said, as he paused to recall the countless number of scene partners he has had throughout his career. “The ones that stick out are Rafael Alenca and Adam Killian. I’ve worked with an amazing group of guys.”

When you find the right partner, you instantly know. You find that emotional and physical connection that draws you together. Just like that passionate moment, the Red Hot Lover cocktail is sweet, fruity, and good to the last drop!

  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 2 oz Peach Schnapps
  • Splash Grenadine
  • 1 oz Strawberry Juice
  • 1 oz Orange Juice

Pour all ingredients into a shaker half full of ice. Shake hard for about 20 seconds, until the shaker tin begins to frost. Pour into a collins glass.

Be a cum-whore, without the risk; Fort Troff’s Cum Lube

Fort Troff Cum LubeMany men, and women too, have fantasies or enjoy being covered in thick, white, creamy loads of cum. It’s a huge sexual turn-on for many, whether it’s on their face, chest, back or their hole. Exchanging of bodily fluids is always a concern, but what if there were a way to make your sexual fantasies come true, but without the risk of contracting an STI or HIV?

That’s where Fort Troff comes in. Literally. Cum Lube, is one of the most popular, and best sellers on the popular gay fetish e-store site. It’s realistic texture, consistency and opaque colour make is the closest thing to real jizz as you can get.

The bottle comes with an easy-to-open cap, which, with the right flick of the wrist, can leave your partner drenched in a thick, creamy coating of fake man-batter. It’s popular with pigs who want to have a dirty and raunchy sexual experience, without the risk.

Cum Lube is a hybrid of water and silicon based lubricant, which provides the long-lasting benefits of a silicon based personal lube, but with the easy cleanup of a water-based formula. It’s almost scent free, and more importantly, won’t stain your 400 thread-count Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

Safe to use with most bedroom toys, including latex condoms and Fort Troff’s Raw Dawg, Cum Lube comes in a variety of sizes from single-use travel packs to 8oz bottles.

Made in the USA, Cum Lube is a safer-sex alternative for guys who love cum, but don’t want to risk their personal health and safety.

Gay porn star, Jessie Colter, disapproves of bareback sex in porn

Gay porn star, Jessie Colter, disapproves of bareback sex in porn“I don’t agree with it,” Jessie Colter responded when asked about barebacking, a common term for sex without a condom.

Jessie, a gay porn star working for TitanMen.net, says he understands the appeal of bareback sex in porn but that appeal doesn’t make it okay.

“It might sell more, and it might be more visually hot,” Jessie said, “but I think we need to set a better example. We are role models for the community. Hot guys are safe too.”

Barebacking is a controversial issue for several reasons. As Jessie points out, sex without a condom is visually more stimulating. Condoms also decrease the pleasure sensation for men who wear them and can restrict blood flow to the penis, which may result in losing an erection. However, sexually transmitted diseases and infections are much more likely to spread without the use of a condom.

“We don’t need to promote the spread of disease. Set a better example,” Jessie said. “You need a barrier or condom of some kind. I’m in a tiff with a model that is a friend of mine, and I just can’t agree with it.”

The gay porn industry has realized that online porn is the leading cause of bareback sex by gay men, which is resulting in unsafe sex as the new normal for gay men. This unsafe behaviour leads to higher STI and HIV transmission rates.

When not shooting a scene, Jessie’s views differ. Porn sets an example for its viewers. Relationships are only between two people.

“Me and my boyfriend are monogamous. Of course we don’t use protection. We’re 100 percent clean,” Jessie said. “I don’t see anything wrong with boyfriends or husbands having unprotected sex, as long as you’re monogamous.”

Jessie has advice for gay men who aren’t in a monogamous relationship.

“You better wrap that shit up. You’re health isn’t worth it, and neither is a pay cheque for that matter,” he said.

A Good Reason to Look In The Mirror: Making Skin Care a Daily Workout

Great skin care should be a part of your daily routineMeeting with a personal trainer once a month might be a great workout, but visiting the gym only once every thirty days won’t result in a six pack or weight loss. You have to workout on a daily basis to see results. According to Amy Sahota, founder of Bare Essentials Skin Bar, it’s the same with skin care.

“Maintenance treatments with a professional will help upkeep your results of what you do at home, but,” Amy said, “what you do on a daily basis is going to have the desired effect.”

A good skin care plan works for your schedule on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Whether you use three products or a dozen, professionals recommend changing your plan every season and every time your diet changes.

“Skin conditions and diet can affect the skin,” Amy said. “Doing a few simple things can really make you look much younger and help preserve your skin.”

Professionals can recommend acne-treating and skin-repairing products based on skin type. Everyone’s skin is different.

“Some clients want products that are oil-free, and others want something that is moisturizing, or silicon based. We sit down with our clients and find out what works best for them,” Amy said.

After building a skin care plan and choosing the right products, the most important part of skin care is consistency.

“Some guys will be using five products and then one day just stop doing it. If you forgot one day, that’s ok, just start again the next day,” Amy said.

Beginners to skin care should start by using three cheat products meant to serve different purposes for your skin on a daily basis.

“Do that, and then enhance it later on,” Amy said. “Consistency is always key for results.”

Drugstore products from companies like Clean & Clear or Neutrogena are affordable and okay to use, but these products have filler ingredients designed to help the product keep its look, smell, or shape. Ingredients like alcohol, sodium, or perfumes will dry out your skin rather than help it.

Guys who are serious about their skin care buy products sold at spas.

“Spas and doctors’ offices have products with higher quality ingredients made by a pharmaceutical lab that drug stores would never have,” Amy said.

The higher quality products are more expensive than drugstore products, but the products are purposefully distributed at spas and offices where the customer is looking for the best results rather than the cheapest item on the shelf.

“When you’re in your teenage years, your cells will take care of themself, so it’s okay to use those drugstore products,” Amy said, “but as you get older, your skin doesn’t look the same.”

Bare Essentials Skin Bar is located at 790 Richards Street in Vancouver, BC, and offers a menu of customizable target treatments with an expert Skintender. Make an appointment today. Call (604) 428-0091.

The 2014 April Fool’s Run ain’t no joke!

2014 BMO Sunshine Coast April Fool's Run

Photo credit: Len Soet

This past Sunday, April 6, over 600 participants gathered in Gibsons, BC, on the Sunshine Coast, for what has become a tradition for almost 40 years; the April Fool’s Run. Unlike recent years, which have almost seen the snow line at the race course level, this year, Mother Nature provided perfect race conditions, with fresh, moist air, cool temperatures and a mix of sun and cloud. It was the perfect day for a perfect race.

The half marathon race is a favourite for many Vancouver area residents and locals. The race has a strong sense of community and is deeply supported throughout the community, from the volunteers from Vancouver who got up at 3am to set-up the course, to the local vendors who supply goods and services to help put on the race.

The course starts in Gibsons and makes its way through residential neighbourhoods, quiet country roads and along the highway, ending up at a beautiful park beside the beach in Sechelt.

Held on or near April Fools day, the race is anything but a joke. The course is a constant battle of long, steep, up hills, and incredibly fast down hills. Overall, the course is a net down hill, which results in some extremely good personal bests and some of Canada’s top race times on a half marathon course!

Many of the participants went all out in race gear. Some dressed up in amusing costumes hoping for a chance to win the costume contest, while others donned this or past years technical race shirts in their show of support for the beloved race. The coveted blue BMO race gloves were also all the rage, included with every race package entry, courtesy of title sponsor BMO.

2014 BMO Sunshine Coast April Fools Run finishers medal

As participants crossed the finish line at the end of the 21.1 km (13.3 mi) race, they were presented with the BMO April Fool’s Run finishers medal.

Finishing in first place was David Jackson of Abbotsford, BC, with a time of 1:09:09, and in close second at 1:09:12, Kevin O’Connor, of Vancouver, BC. The first place female finisher was Gibson’s very own Kimberley Doerksen, crossing the line at 1:14:53, followed by second place female finisher, Ellie Greenwood at 1:17:42.

The April Fool’s Run is a race to put on the annual race calendar. With being just four weeks before the BMO Vancouver Marathon, it’s a great dress rehearsal to test your race day skills.

Personal results:

Overall: 72 / 505

Gun Time: 1:37:57

Chip Time: 1:37:57

Pace: 4:39 / km

Men’s Overall: 56 / 234

Men’s 30-39: 18 / 56

Move your feet to the beat

Running with musicThere are very few runners who don’t have a playlist called “running music”, “10k beats”, or “Long run tunes”. Most runners love to listen to music to help keep motivated, on pace and to help relax.

Training for a marathon five days a week, for 17 consecutive weeks, is a significant amount of time to commit to one activity, especially when there isn’t a lot of multitasking involved. At the beginning of training, it’s really important to pay attention to practicing good form, and when running with a clinic group, being social and making new friends. But there are training runs where concentration and motivation are required, especially towards the end of hill training, on long Sunday runs and during speed work. That’s where music comes in.

Music can help runners move longer and faster. It also helps control breathing, maximizing oxygen intake, and with the right beats, can help maintain a consistent cadence and relax the body.

In face, music helps by increasing concentration and provides a perception of less effort, resulting in positive feelings and a more relaxed and effective movement.

A recent Runners World survey of over 3,500 runners discovered 75 per cent of respondents ran while listening to music. Some studies have determined that running with music can increase performance by over 15%!

The best kind of music to run to has an up-tempo with motivating lyrics which trigger positive emotions.

Before training or running a race with music, know and understand how to listen to your heart rate and breathing, so you can naturally control and know your body’s signals for when it’s time to speed up, slow down, or be aware of an injury. Self awareness is key.

Running safety should always be a top priority. Should you choose to run and listen to your favourite playlist, choose marathon-friendly earphones. Keep your music as a low or moderate level, enough to keep you motivated, but quiet enough to hear conversations, traffic and other noises around you. It’s also important when entering a race you check the rules in advance if running with music is allowed; some races do now allow runners to listen to music.

If anything, after 32km, with another 10km left in the marathon, music will help alleviate the boredom and keep you from going insane after you’ve hit the wall.



The New Tropicana Las Veagas Steps Up and Out

The New Tropicana Las Vegas

Even in Sin City, where anything and everything goes, there is something to be said about a hotel that, with the help of a little renovation, raises the bar and establishes itself as a great location for the gay community to get together and have a total Las Vegas experience in one central location.

The Bungalow standard room at The New Tropicana Las Vegas

Okay, the renovation of the The New Tropicana Las Vegas wasn’t really little. We’re talking $200 million dollars. Even for a size queen that’s a pretty substantial load out of the old coin purse. It’s enough to give guests a tropical experience that is rich with high-end technology, that wonderful tiki “South Beach” vibe, and if you dish out just a few more dollars, you can stay in rooms with real 24k gold accents on the doors and headboard.

Xposed Las Vegas Saturday pool party at the The New Tropicana Las Vegas

Xposed Saturday pool party at The New Tropicana Las VegasWhile attending the rocking Xposed pool parties, you may just end up spending some time back in the room for a bit, and the gold accents are there to help you from putting an actual notch in the bedpost. It’s still a nice added bonus, but the real luxury lies in the fact that you have everything all right there at the hotel: gambling, hot guys, full service restaurants, quick bites, show theatre, luxury spa, fitness centre, and a convenience store. With so much to do, it’s hard to decide if hanging out in pool (which are to die for), or to make a ridiculously large amount of new friends. After all, this is where all the gay are now heading to spend their Las Vegas vacation.

Slightly understated the Tropicana is a perfect hidden gem. Not too long ago the place was known more as a blue collar hotel, which is probably why it has lasted so long in such a hard city to survive in. But now it is fully decked out. Where the gays go, class follows. The New Tropicana Las Vegas is about as unpretentious as you can imagine, yet it has all the right attention to detail to make it clear, that this is the place to be.

There’s nothing like being able to lounge out on the pool all day, soak up all the eye candy and head down to the gambling area to get your other game on. Soon, Broadway’s Mama Mia will be playing in the live theatre too!

Las Vegas Blvd at night

For a full Las Vegas experience, hit up Share Night Club Friday night, make some new friends at the Xposed pool party, and then enjoy a few hours on Sunday morning along Las Vegas Blvd before relaxing in the mid-afternoon sun back at the pool with a daiquiri in hand.

It’s about time a hotel stepped up like this and truly did something for me that love men. Great job! See you at The New Tropicana Las Vegas?


Calgary’s LGBT students offered $500 Acts of Greatness Bursary


2013 Calgary Pride Parade

For most kids, high school is a difficult time. They are faced with pressures to achieve good grades, battle peer pressure, manage complicated friendships, and try to find a circle of like-minded people to fit in with, whether it be on the student council, the basketball team, earth action group, or year book committee. Admit it or not, all students deal with bullying too. But what makes it even more complicated, is when a student struggles with their sexual orientation.

For youth who have come to understand their sexual orientation and are openly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, it can be challenging. They’ve likely faced difficulties in the classroom, on the playground, amongst friends, and even at home with family members. Youth who come out are resilient and vibrant individuals with strong spirits and full of colourful spirit.

Founded in January 2014, Acts of Greatness is on a mission to support LGBT youth in the Calgary School District, with a new program designed to encourage ongoing education for queer students. In partnership with Education Matters, the two organizations have created a new awards program, recognizing students who identify or participate within the sexual and gender minority community.

“Our awards help support sexual and gender minority students achieve their full academic and leadership potential,” said Yiorgos Boudouris, Acts of Greatness Founder and CEO.

One award of $500 will be offered to a lucky student in the Calgary School District. The award is open to all senior high school students in Calgary, of any sexual or gender minority, who will be continuing on in post-secondary education. The applicant must also demonstrate strong leadership skills and have had a positive impact on the community.

Applications for the Acts of Greatness bursary are open until May 30, 2014.

Spring Sunshine

Spring Sunshine rum cocktailWinter is finally coming to an end! Hurray. That means longer, warmer days, less layers of clothing, and finally some time out of the house and into the sunshine. If you’re not one of the lucky ones who’s taking a tropical trip right now to rid the winter blues and to get some colour, it just means you get to enjoy being at home and mixing your own drinks, and at a fraction of the cost. Mix up one of these zippy Spring Sunshine cocktails, sit in the warm sun, close your eyes, and just relax, imaging yourself on that tropical beach. You’ll be in tropical paradise in no time!

  • 2 oz Spiced Rum
  • 1 oz Grapefruit Juice
  • Splash of Grenadine
  • Ginger Beer

Fill a Collins glass with ice. Add rum and grapefruit juice. Slowly add grenadine, allowing it to sink to the bottom. Carefully top with ginger beer. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

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