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Mother’s Day High Tea at Rowena’s

Photo Credit: Rowena's Inn

This weekend is Mother’s Day, and every mother deserves a day of pampering. This year, instead of the traditional brunch, spa treatment or hanging basket, treat your mom to a High Tea service at a relaxing English country estate. Rowena’s Inn, located on the Harrison River in the Fraser Valley is offering high tea for just $19.95 per person

The tea service includes fresh-baked scones, traditional English tea sandwiches, a variety of desserts, and of course your choice of premium tea.

Tea is served in the Drawing Room of the beautifully restored English-style manor, located on the 160-acre estate. Inside the manor are elegant antique chandeliers, vases, and furnishings, including a bed owned by opera singer, Dame Nellie Melba, a piece of the banister from the original Fairmont Vancouver, and a dining room table that King George VI once sat at!

Rowena’s Inn is a 1.5 hour drive east of Vancouver and 35 minutes north of Abbotsford. Reservations for High Tea can be made by calling 1.877.796.1001.

English High Tea

Alright folks, many of you have china tucked away in your china cabinets, storage closets, basements and attics – it’s time to bring them out and have a traditional English High Tea. It’s simple to do and a lot of fun. Besides, why not put your china to good use – after all, it was meant to be used, not stored away forever.

An easy English high tea would include cucumber, egg salad or salmon salad sandwich cut into four pieces, tea and biscuits.

To make a perfect pot of tea, pour cold water into a kettle and let it come to a hard boil. While the kettle is boiling, pour hot water into your tea pot. When the kettle is comes to the hard boil, dump the hot water from the tea pot, put in your fresh tea, and add the freshly boiled water. Cover and let steep for four minutes. When it’s done steeping, remove the tea and discard.

Depending on what kind of tea you are serving you can add sugar, honey, lemon, milk or cream.

When attending a tea party, remember standard etiquette says only the Tea Mother can serve and pour tea from the pot, unless the he / she grants you permission.

Now, go find your china and enjoy it!

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